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Fruit bar

 Floating fruit bar- Visit to our newly opened fruit bar is the best way to refresh with natural fruit drinks while traveling and gather energy for the continuation of your journey. We have prepared for you a great selection of natural fruit juices and fruit purees with yogurt, ice cream or fresh milk, popularly called smoothies.
Fruit bar is situated on the Deck 6 (m/v Regina della Pace). Fruit drinks are served from 6:30-01:00 PM and from 6:00 and 7:30 AM.

On board of the Regina della Pace is not possible to pay by credit card, we accept only cash - HRK and euro

Juices 3 dl:
1 Orange - 3€ (WAKE UP)
2 Carrot- 3€(RABBIT)
3 Carrot, apple, ginger (DETOX) 4€
4 Apple , grape, pear, orange (ENERGY) 4€
5 Pineapple, orange (PINEAPPLE KISS) 4€

Smoothie 3dl - 4 euro:

1Peach, yoghurt, honey, lime (KOKOLO)
2Kiwi, pineapple , lime, orange, mint (FIT & FRESH)
3banana, orange, yoghurt, cereals (MUESLIE & FROOTIE)
4banana, apple, peach, orange, ginger (MARUL)
5kiwi, apple, lime, yoghurt (VIOLETA)