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General travel conditions

Blue Line Company transports passengers, their luggage and vehicles in accordance with the valid conditions, which every passenger in possession of a Blue Line ticket should be introduced with. The regulations that are not encompassed by these conditions will be applied in accordance with the international conventions, in compliance with which the Company`s liability will be determined.

Blue Line cannot be held responsible for any changes in the timetable caused by force majeure (such as unpredictable bad weather conditions, technical problems or some other legitimate reasons). Blue Line reserves the right to change the schedule without prior notice.

In the event of the timetable modifications caused by force majeure (such as unpredictable bad weather conditions, technical problems or some other legitimate reasons) and the inability to provide an alternative transport, the Company will provide the passenger with a full refund of payments made, without further liability or obligation towards the passenger.
The passenger is required to check the timetable and to book a ticket at one of the agencies or online before the journey. The possession of a ticket does not guarantee a direct embarkation, therefore the passenger is required to check in with the Port agency regarding a boarding card within the time limit indicated for the check-in of passengers. Passenger`s failure to comply with the embarkation regulations may result in the cancellation of the reservation. All passengers are required to have a valid passport or another travel document, a valid stay permit or an international sanitary certificate, if necessary.
A passenger without valid travel documents may be subject to legal sanctions and denied embarkation.
On board Blue Line ferries a child under 12 years of age cannot travel alone, but has to be accompanied by an adult.
Passengers are not allowed to bring any kind of weapon onto the ship. Passengers who keep weapons and are hence considered harmful to other passengers (due to drunkenness, illness or any other reason), will be subject to adequate legal measures by the Captain.

A discount is applied for the return part of the ticket except for the tickets bought at special tariffs. Children up to 4 years of age are entitled to free journey unless they use their own berth (paying supplements only). Children from 4 to 16 years of age are entitled to a 50% discount. 
Discounts are not cumulative and do not apply to meals or to the embarkation and port fees.

OPEN-DATE ticket is valid 12 months from the date of issue. Passengers are required to make the necessary booking well in advance and pay possible difference in fare as per tariff in force on the day of departure. Otherwise, the company does not guarantee the realisation of the booking and cannot be held responsible if the passenger is not permitted to travel. No refund shall be made to passengers holding an open date ticket in case of a lower price on the day of departure, lower accommodation category or partial use of any pre-paid service.

Cancellation of a journey or its portion should be reported to the Blue Line and done at the latest up to 4 hours prior to departure. Following fees are applied in case of cancellations made:
- 20% up to 48 hours prior to departure
- 50% from 48 to 4 hours prior to departure
- 100% in case of cancellation within 4 hours prior to departure
Passenger loses the right to a refund or further using his/her ticket in the event that he/she does not  appear at the check-in in which case the ticket in question is regarded as a NO SHOW.
Tickets issued at special prices cannot be refunded as well as OPEN-DATE and RETURN Tickets but modifications can be made. The Return ticket can be transformed into an Open Date ticket (at least 1 day before departure). Blue Line grants passengers the right to change the name of the passengers as well as the date, route and/or accommodation. In the event that, following the changes, there is a difference in price between the original ticket and the one given in place, the passenger will be obliged to pay that difference. Reduction in the number of passengers within 30 days prior to departure are charged 10€ per change.

Definition of a group: minimum of 9 passengers travelling, booking and doing the check-in together.
Each 10th person gets FREE ticket according to the same accommodation as the rest of the group (pays supplements only) and also gets FREE meal only in case the group has ordered the same.
Group leader is a passenger like any other and is obliged to book his/her ticket as all other passengers. Group leader gets FREE meals only in case the group has ordered the same. In case the group is travelling with a bus, transportation of the bus is FREE of charge apart from the supplements which are obligatory.
The driver gets FREE ticket (a berth in an inside cabin) and FREE meals only in case the group has ordered the same.

Pets are allowed on board Blue Line ferries provided that the owner has a valid Pet passport which should be properly filled with the information about the owner, the animal data with the recorded number of the microchip and a date of the last vaccination against rabies. Household pets can be transported in the special areas destined for the same or on the outdoor decks of the ship and the owner is personally responsible for the care and supervision of his/her own pet.
Dogs must wear muzzles (except guide dogs) and must be kept on a leash, cats have to be carried in special baskets / containers and birds in cages. They cannot be taken into areas reserved for the passengers (saloons, restaurants, cabins and toilets).  uide dogs are allowed to enter all areas reserved for the passengers.

The access to the vehicle in the garage is possible only with the permission of a responsible officer on a ship. The Company is not responsible for any kind of damage during the embarkation and disembarkation of vehicles caused by recklessness of the driver. All vehicles should be placed in the garage under appropriate conditions, and there should be no leaking of any kind of liquid from the vehicle. In case the driver does not comply with these regulations, the Company has the right to deny him/her the embarkation or charge him/her for the garage cleaning costs. The embarkation of natural gas vehicles is allowed.

The passenger is required to take care of his/her luggage, lock it into a vehicle or bring it along. The Company is not responsible for any belongings that may be stolen.

The Company is not responsible for any kind of accident or injury occurred during the journey, that may result from the passenger`s recklessness. Any potential claim or dispute arising under the valid Conditions will be resolved in compliance with
the international conventions, and referred to the Court in London, unless the Company accepts jurisdiction of any other court abroad. In the event of increase in fuel prices, currency fluctuations or other unforeseen circumstances, the
Company reserves the right to change the fares without prior notice.