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Truck restrictions

Truck restrictions in Italy

All trucks heavier than 7,5 tons are banned from traffic on Sundays between 8am and 10pm during the following months: January, February, March, April, May, October, November and December (table below), as well as on Sundays between 7am and 12am during June, July, August and September.

JANUARY 01 January 08.00-22.00 New Year's Day 06 January 08.00-22.00 Epiphany
APRIL 22 April 16.00-22.00 Good Friday 23 April 08.00-22.00 Saturday 24 April 08.00-22.00 Easter 25 April 08.00-14.00 Easter Monday 30 April 16.00-22.00 Saturday
MAY 01 May 08.00-22.00 Labour Day 30 May 16.00-22.00 Sunday
JUNE 02 June 07.00-24.00 Republic Day 26 June 07.00-24.00 Sunday
JULY 02 July 07.00-24.00 Saturday 09 July 07.00-23.00 Saturday 16 July 07.00-23.00 Saturday 23 July 07.00-23.00 Saturday 30 July 16.00-24.00 Saturday 31 July 07.00-23.00 Sunday
AUGUST 06 August 16.00-24.00 Saturday 07 August 07.00-23.00 Saturday 13 August 16.00-24.00 Saturday 14 August 07.00-23.00 Saturday 20 August 07.00-23.00 Saturday 27 August 07.00-23.00 Saturday
OCTOBER 29 October 14.00-22.00 Saturday
NOVEMBER 01 November 08.00-22.00 All Saints' Day
DECEMBER 01 December 16.00-22.00 Saturday 08 December 08.00-22.00 Holy Day of Obligation 23 December 16.00-22.00 Friday 24 December 08.00-22.00 Saturday 25 December 08.00-22.00 Christmas

Truck restrictions in Croatia

The following vehicles are banned from traffic: trucks with or without trailer that weigh over 7,5 tons; vehicles that are longer than 14m with or without a towed vehicle (hereafter referred to as trucks); tractors, rigs, working vehicles and other machines and vehicles that have maximum speed of 40km/h on a flat road; driving school vehicles in the Ports of Split and Zadar
  • between 15 June and 15 September, on Saturdays between 4am and 2pm and on Sundays between 12 pm and 11pm
  • on Good Friday and on days preceding Croatian national holidays between 3pm and 11pm, and on the last day of a holiday between 2pm and 11pm
If a national holiday, i.e. last day of a national holiday is on Friday or Saturday, the ban applies to Sunday between 12pm and 11pm.
If a national holiday is on Sunday or Monday, the ban applies to Friday preceding the holiday between 3pm and 11pm.
Trucks with or without trailer that weigh over 7,5 tons are banned from traffic on Sundays between 6am and 10pm on the state road D2 between Varaždin and Border crossing Dubrava Križovljanska.

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